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King Bee presents: Metamorphosis

w/ The Milk Blossoms (duo) and dance party by DJ Camp Love

October 28, 2022 @ 7:00 pm 11:59 pm



King Bee presents: Metamorphosis

w/ The Milk Blossoms (duo) and dance party by DJ Camp Love

doors at 7pm, 21+

The Mercury Cafe


Metamorphosis is an extraordinary culmination and expression of what Fox Linnea Drickey describes as her  ‘metaphysical death experience’ – a venture into another world, a ‘rolling avalanche of chaos’ that led to loss of identity and extreme dysphoria, followed by a creative explosion, soul retrieval and return home.  The transformative processes that unfolded for her over the last two years mirrors the pandemic’s unfolding and the globe’s orientation to a new, at times painful, reality. 

King Bee, the band formerly known as ‘Fox and the Babes’, debuted as a group and showcased music from Drickey’s EP, State Change, in April 2022. The musically layered, immersive theatrical experience, Metamorphosis, was hailed as “a ritual of healing that connected the audience to their own transformation,” and “an alternate dimension.” Metamorphosis created a wave of change in its wake through which Fox and the Babes discovered their true band name, King Bee.  Now the Metamorphosis portal opens one more time with fresh music, a new ending, and a ‘psychedelic rainforest vibe’ fitting for Halloween weekend. 

This experience is an undeniable shamanic transmission meant to transport the audience into reflection of their own metamorphic processes far beyond the show.  Metamorphosis is the culminating episode of a five-part series ‘The Tugboat vs. The Tidal Wave,’ an allegorical story of a resilient tugboat, written, narrated, and scored by Drickey in a podcast called Honeycomb Liminal Radio.  The audience is encouraged to listen to the story – which climaxes at the end of episode IV with a suspenseful cliffhanger – beforehand, and Metamorphosis is the momentous and vivid final episode of the series.

In addition to dreamy, activating soundscapes, the evening promises immersive games and acting, a pre-show variety hour, a ‘rainbow’ chorus inspired by Ancient Greek Theater, and a joyous dance party to follow the show with DJ Camp Love. Costumes are highly encouraged.

For photo and interview opportunities with King Bee, contact Fox Drickey at 303.564.4606 or ibelieveinkingbee@gmail.com


Date/Time   October 28, 2022 at 8 pm

Location      Mercury Cafe

2199 California St

Denver, CO 80205

Cost           $28 Early Bird, $35 regular/ $38 with contribution to the Honeycomb Scholarship Fund

Ticket link: https://www.eventcreate.com/e/metamorphosis2

About King Bee:

Fox Linnea Drickey emerges from a two-year hiatus in full force with this brand new five-piece synth-pop full-band adaptation of her celebrated solo material.  Her new arrangements feature lyrical songwriting, honest vocals and multi-layered overlapping harmonies that wrap the listener up in warm bubbly synths & ambient sonic textures while transporting them through trancey unexpected groove-worlds.  Her sound manages to be an expressive, surprising, and catchy alien love-child of Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, and Bjork – but with a soothing quality that makes it wholly and authentically no one else’s.

Fox is supported in this new endeavor by powerhouse Denver musicians and mega-babes Cassidy Bacon (The Whimsy of Things, Ghost Tapes, Other Black), Nat Tate (Ark Life, Nat Tate), Ben Weirich (Retrofette, Dandu), and Carl Sorensen (Dragondeer, Covenhoven, Chimney Choir).  She is best known as a founding member of Denver’s beloved genre-imploding theatrical band, Chimney Choir (Denver Westword’s Best Pop Band of 2015), called ‘a treasure box of the imagination’ by The Denver Post.

About The Milk Blossoms:

The Milk Blossoms are a pensive pop band who have been featured on Colorado Public Radio’s Indie 102.3, Film on the Rocks, 303 Magazine, Out Front Magazine, and have received awards for Best Experimental Band (2016), nominated for Best Indie Pop Band (2017), and won Best Pop Band (2018) for the Denver Westword Music Awards.  They have shared the stage with Ezra Furman, Emily Wells, and Laura Stevenson.  They are currently recording their third album.

‘The Milk Blossoms make an amalgam of outsider pop with songs that deftly and thoughtfully navigate the vagaries of one’s own mind, illuminate nuanced perspectives on relationships with others and society in general and explore evolving concepts of identity.’

-Tom Murphy, Queen City Sounds